Representing work and mass media


Personal research projects
2004 -2005 – Grant Director, National Council for the Scientific Research [CNCSIS] Grant No 117/2004 Mass media and the process of Romania`s integration in the European Union – A journalistic view.



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Books chapters

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Papers – Conferences

(With Ramona Marinache). Horses in the Future of Mobility. Paper presented at the Third Anthrozoology Symposium Ethics and the Non-human World, “Gh. Zane” Institute of Social and Economic Research, Romanian Academy, Iași Branch, Faculty of Biology, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, University of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine, Iași and Moldavia’s History Museum, “Moldova” National Museum Complex, Iasi, Romania, 6-8 November 2020.

Communication and NGOs in Romania. Paper presented at the 10th Annual International Conference After Communism. East and West under Scrutiny, Faculty of Social Sciences – Craiova – Center of Post-Communist Political Studies CEPOS/ CESPO, Craiova, Romani, 27-28 March 2020.

Grupurile dezavantajate în media din România după 1989. O trecere în revistă a literaturii de specialitate [Romanian media coverage of the disadvantaged groups after 1989. A literature review]. Paper presented at the international conference 1990-2019. Trei decenii de jurnalism: Proiecte, realizari, restante, Univeristy of Oradea and University of Szeged , Oradea, Romania, 10-11 October 2019.

(With Florin Lazar and Silvia Branea). The framing of the social workers’ identity in the media. Insights from Romania. Paper presented at 9th Conference for European Social Work Research  Social work research, practice and core values of human rights and social justice in a changing welfare society,  Leuven, Belgium. April 10-12, 2019.

(With Florin Lazar and Silvia Branea). Media Coverage of Social Work in Romania: 2010-2016. Paper presented at the International Conference in Cultural Studies and Sciences of Communication: Hapiness; Its Ways, Faculty of Letter, University of Bucharest, Bucarest, Romania, 9-10 November 2018.

(With Florin Lazar and Silvia Branea). Media Representation of Social Work Profession in Romania. Paper presented at at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, ISA, Toronto, Canada, 15-21 July 2018.

(with Ioana Silistraru) Promises and pitfalls for the health journalism in Romania. The Seventh Conference After Communism. East and West under scrutinity, Faculty of Social Sciences – Craiova – and Center of Post-Communist Political Studies CEPOS/ CESPO, Craiova, Romania, 24-25 March 2017.

(with Silvia Branea) Building professional framings through the reception of TV series by Romanian police officers. The International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities – Forum on Studies of Society (FSS), University of Craiova, Faculty of Social Sciences, Suleyman Demirel University-Turkey, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – Poland, Craiova, Romania, 30-31 March 2016.

Relations publiques roumaines dans le domaine de système de soins de santé (public et privé) – Notes et évaluations sur le terrain. The Conference Societe, Medias et Politique [Society, Medias and Politics], Faculty of Sociology and Social Work and Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, 1-2 November 2014.

A journalistic perspective on Romania’s integration in the European Union. The International Conference Media in the Enlarged Europe: An International Conference on Policy, Industry, Aesthetics & Creativity, University of Luton, Luton, England, 5-6 May 2006.

(With Silvia Branea) Jurnalistii si factorul politic in anul 2004. Conference Mass-media in perioadele electorale, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, March, 2005.